■ Translation of the game and app texts, help, instruction, story, locations, names and sounds using slangs and cultural background by professional translators.

■ Solve the ‘RTL’ problem (right to left) with our CSS/HTML developers or Flashers.

■ Translate the banners, logos and any other necessary artwork. We make video tutorials according to our user’s language, internet speed and cultural behaviors.



TeleTransitGame has well skilled marketing team with many years of experience in this region. Our company has long term marketing contracts with a lot of top websites in this region


Community Management:

People at TeleTransitGame are passionate about games and apps. That’s why we understand the importance of putting the user at the heart of our considerations. Our community managers are native speakers and they support us 24/7.



In addition to common payments methods (Paypal, MoneyBookers… ) we are also partnered with many local banks and payment companies to process unconventional payment cards that are offered in the region.


TeleTransitGame has successfully built a local user base for its compelling and painstakingly designed games and apps, which are developed for mobile and web platforms. In total, it serves users in more than 31 countries and target over 381 million user base in the MENA territory.